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For more than 30 years Top Notch Energy & Spas has been the go-to for commericial and residential spa care. We offer service, repair and monthly maintenance for any sized spa from the training facility for the Oakland Raiders to your backyard oasis. We carry a full selection of the premier brands in spa water care including Leisure Time and Del Ozone to keep your spa sparkling. Click on the logos to access the manufacturer's website

Clearwater Spas prides itself in using environmentally friendly and recycled materials to help reduce the environmental impact on our planet.

Pearl Island – Beachcraft Signature

For more than 25 years, Leisure Time™ has been the premier name in spa water care. During that time, spas have become more luxurious and consumers more sophisticated. To continue earning its position as the leader in spa water care, the Leisure Time™ brand continually improves its product line, program and packaging that elegantly wraps up years of innovation.

Leisure Time Sanitizer Package

Five years after its founding in 1975, DEL began shipping ozone systems for Advanced Sanitation Solutions. Since then, it has accumulated an enviable track record of innovation and leadership in its industry, both as a technology leader and antimicrobial regulatory educator. DEL Ozone provides a critical service by offering affordable, safe, and sustainable solutions for effective sanitation systems.

Big Dipper Above Ground Pool Ozone Generator